• Available to capture your sound at the studio of your choice, or at one of the preferred locations we have available to us across Melbourne. Some on-location services also available.

  • Send me your tracks and I can make them 'radio ready' for release. With experience in a range of different genres nothing is off limits. We have plenty of songs hitting the airwaves.

  • Getting your mix ready for the many different release platforms requires good ears and the right tools and experience. Getting your songs mastered for iTunes is now available.

  • From conception to completion, I can help through the whole process. Tracking to CD printing or upload online delivery platforms is my specialty. Contact for a full package price.

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  • Online Services

    Have you recorded your own music at home? We will be happy to take those recorded multitracks and turn them in to something truly special! The rise of DAWs and home recording has given artists more opportunity to record their songs. They don't always sound like they do on the radio though. We can help with that. Our online mixing service and online mastering service can give independant musicians that chance to get that polished radio ready sound. Just send us your tracks and we can mix them to professional standards. Contact us to find out more about our online mixing services for home recorded music.

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PO Box 23 Patterson Lakes VIC, 3197 Phone : 0421 359 287

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